C64 downloads
By Christoph Gutjahr, last updated 29.01.2010

Here's some Commodore 64 stuff I created. There's a lot more where that came from, I just have to locate it. Unfortunately, it seems I have lost most of my assembler disks while moving around the country several times.

Disorder releases (1997)

Disorder was the scene group Goat and me founded in early 1997. It only lasted for about nine months, mostly because I started to loose interest in the (illegal) C64 scene.

Delirium BBS flyer (1997)

Not really a download - just a flyer Goat did for distribution on some Party we were going to visit (X97, probably). The BBS never went online, because Holy Mosed/Onslaught never delivered the copy of C*Base he owed me (shame on you, Andreas! ;-)

Moonspell Preview (1996)

When Boris 'Chipsi' Müller showed me a whole disk of graphics he had done for a role playing game that was never developed, I tried to convince him that we should do something with these gfx. I wiped up a quick demo game for demonstration purposes: "Moonspell Preview". The title screen has been donated by Mendrake/Acrise and was allegedly done by DMI.

Download: Moonspell_Preview.zip (30 KB)

TRU Docs Disk 1 (1995)

A collection of game and application manuals in Startexter/Kwik-Write format, released under a fake label because I was groupless at that time and because it was mostly old stuff anyway. Includes docs for Lemmings, Barbarian 2, Startexter, Silent Service, Tau Ceti, Starship Commander, Tai Pan and Super Huey.

Download: Docs_disk_1.zip (74 KB)

BASIC subroutines (1989-1993)

A collection of subroutines that can be used in BASIC programs. Includes a comfortable input routine, cursor driven menus, directory routines in both BASIC and Assembler and similar stuff.

Download: BASIC_Subroutines.zip (6 KB)

Unfinished German text adventure (1993, BASIC)

An unfinished SciFi text adventure written in BASIC. The parser is actually not that bad for a BASIC program, but this unfinished version only contains one room. At least it can be solved ;-)

Download: BASIC_Adventure.zip (8 KB)

Maps for "Das Drachental" und "Freiheit" (ca. 1990)

Maps for two German low budget text adventures I solved.

Map for "Das Drachental": Karte_Drachental.txt (3 KB)
Map for "Freiheit": Karte_Freiheit.txt (16 KB)

Tools (1989-1992, BASIC)

Some tools written in BASIC 2.0. Changeaddress will change the start address of any file on disk, Name/ID changer manipulates the name and ID (all five digits) of a 1541 disk without having to format it. Also includes Fastwindows (a simple GUI system written in BASIC) and Textkonverter GUI, a test GUI for a text conversion program.

Download: BASIC_Tools.zip (8 KB)